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Dwit is a software that enables you to create, publish and share your datasheets with your audience in an effective and orderly way.

Crea tú mismo tus fichas técnicas comerciales

Crea tú mismo tus fichas técnicas comerciales

Diseña tus propias fichas técnicas comerciales de forma fácil y rápida.​

Comparte tus fichas con quien tú decidas

Comparte tus fichas con quien tú decidas

Comparte con quien quieras, rápidamente y en el momento.

Mantén el control de tus fichas de forma fácil

Mantén el control de tus fichas de forma fácil

Gestiona los cambios, las personas y quién puede ver tus fichas.

Muestra a tu público objetivo tus productos

Muestra a tu público objetivo tus productos

Publica en el portal Dwit de fichas sectoriales.

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Design your fully customised datasheets yourself

Simplify your processes with an easy and intuitive software.

  • Create, send and publish quickly and securely
  • Design the most attractive datasheets yourself
  • Standardise and simplify the work of all of the departments


Distribute and share the datasheets from your product catalogue with your target audience

The most effective way of keeping your potential customers informed professionally and securely.

  • Distribute and share with whoever you decide
  • Notify each update
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Manage your catalogue of datasheets in an intuitive and orderly manner

Have full control of the information you generate and share.

  • Your datasheets always updated
  • Control of changes and versions
  • Facilitate your customers’ access

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Download: "Discover how to design the perfect datasheet"

Guide to make your perfect commercial datasheets.
Download it now and get a Bonus of 5 editable sheets to inspire you.

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The information about your products always visible for your ideal customer

Share the content of your datasheets by publishing them in Dwit's Global directory and on your own website at the same time. Your potential customers will be able to find your products easily and quickly.

  • Global catalogue of datasheets
  • Make your products visible
  • Directory with search tool for technical characteristics
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A mobile solution for sales representatives

It facilitates access to your company's datasheets and helps your sales team ensure they don’t lose a single sales opportunity.

  • Sales tool for sales representatives
  • Optimisation of sales

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The design of technical datasheets is an essential tool for the sales of any industry

The way in which a commercial document is shared is fundamental, be it a product datasheet, a general catalogue or a promotional flyer. The clients’ first impression has a decisive influence on the impressions they form about our brand, and even about the sales manager that presents it.

“Design, the great forgotten element of production, has become the differentiating asset most sought after by customers.”

It used to be more difficult to access good design in terms of what we acquired or simply owned: it took a great deal of time and money, and required a demanding taste, not to mention an unwillingness to accept the commonplace.
In the past, being well dressed or having a beautifully designed home or office was a mark of distinction that was simply “out of reach” for most people.

But today good design is available everywhere. Apple promises that the ubiquitous phone you carry in your (designer) jeans pocket or the laptop on your desk is the most evolved industrial design you can have. And of course, their product datasheets are excellent: before even purchasing the product, we have been seduced by the exquisite handling of the promotion of their products – the right information, the colour, precise and impressive data… each phrase seems to fit perfectly in our mind like a mantra flooding our brains and making the purchase inevitable.

What has not kept pace with the growth of design is the ability of vendors to use aesthetics to meet their goals.

Believing that most potential customers are still buying products based on what those products do, most sellers are still busy demonstrating features and explaining capabilities rather than promoting what people want. Today, the intelligent seller understands that their work has changed, and is constantly re-evaluating the advantages associated with the manner in which aesthetics, information and, above all, asymmetries of information, have modified our clients’ way of purchasing.

Designing the perfect product datasheet for the 21st century.

Designing their product’s perfect datasheet is the main objective of any company or brand dedicated to the sale or distribution of products via digital channels.

However, before finding out how to achieve an unbeatable product datasheet, we should understand what it is. When we talk about the “Product specification sheet” or “technical datasheet”, we mean a document that brings together all the technical information of a product, such as its components, applications and benefits.

“IKEA doubled its sales thanks to better product information”

However, there are countless examples of technical datasheet design, such that it can be confusing to try and see at a glance what the ideal product information sheet might be.

These are some of the essential contents of product specification sheets or technical datasheets of products from different industries:

  • Furniture: Weight, dimensions and assembly instructions.
  • Cosmetics: ingredients, textures, skin types.
  • Food: ingredients, allergens.
  • Construction: chemical composition, metadata for retailers.
  • Technology: Technical specifications, energy.
  • Medicine: composition, use and contraindications.
  • Fashion: size, materials, 360º images.
  • Jewellery: photos of individual detail and 360º images.