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Why Dwit?

Dwit helps increase the productivity of your sales team by helping them create, send, publish, manage and organise commercial technical datasheets.

The difference: Automate the management of thousands of details quickly and easily

Simplify the entire development of your commercial technical datasheets from creation and design to revising changes and subsequent dissemination.

The advantage: Work collaboratively and increase the efficiency of your team

The different departments involved can work simultaneously: quality, R&D and sales.

The improvement: Create communication flows with people interested in your products

Streamline the management and control of product specification sheets and improve the external communication of your products at a technical and commercial level.

The trick: Always send the most up-to-date version of your datasheets to the right people directly from Dwit

Simplify your processes and send the technical datasheets to your clients all from the one platform. Dwit gives you a 20% saving on your time.

Find out how to sell more with a perfect technical datasheet

87% of users do not trust brands that provide poor and insufficient information.

Appeal to your audience with a wide variety of designs and features.

The power: Accurate and seamless version control

With Dwit you will have total control of all your technical datasheets. Control versions, languages and changes and modifications in the technical datasheets.

The promise: Everything is easy, from access to updating

Access all your technical datasheets via the Dwit client area, or by integrating a link from your own website, and automatically update the content of your datasheets.

The future: Connect it with your ERP and automatically update your technical and quality data

Dwit integrates with your ERP to transfer the data you need to your technical datasheets in Dwit. We can also do it the other way around: update the data in Dwit and automatically we will send them to your ERP -another way of looking at it.